GPA (Gomez Pineda Attorneys at Law) has been recognized for its excellent service management of the financial entity in a diverse set of services provided, among which stand out: massive legal collections of overdue clients, studies of property deeds and the creation of real property guarantees, contractual consulting on investment and detailed projects, representation in both civil, administrative and fiscal processes as well as in class-action suits, among others. Currently, they offer permanent consulting on issues related to transportation, administration and property law issues.


Recognized for our provision of services in vehicle management for legal sanitation, currently provides advice on transport and transit issues for information management and legal management of the vehicle fleet.

Banco de Occidente

Recognized as the top legal providers in terms of judicialized portfolio recuperation, GPA stands out for their commitment with the legal services provided to the financial area which include claim regulation and legal representation.


GPA has been selected as the legal service provider for the different companies that make up the ORBIS group, such as PINTUCO, O-TEK, CACHARRERÍA MUNDIAL. Currently we get consulting on the recuperation of assets from our providers, property deed studies, constitution of land guarantees, contractual clauses and accompaniment in procedures of bankruptcy in which the company in its role as a creditor participates.

Alianza SGP S.A.S.

GPA provides legal services as the principal firm representing portfolio recuperation on a massive scale in the national territory; likewise, GPA participates actively in the company structuring of the entity and in its investment projects.


Our services have contributed to this entity as a solid backing on contractual issues related to the development of different investment models as well as participating as the legal representation for our clients before the administrative and fiscal organizations. Currently, we provide ongoing consultancy on issues related to transportation.


Our firm has represented this financial institution in terms of civil jurisdiction in processes of contractual and extracontractual responsibility.

National Federation of Coffee-growers

We provide ongoing consultancy in a range of issues related to labor relations as well as providing both extrajudicial representation under mechanisms of conciliation and conflict resolution as well as judicial representation in labor law suits.


Our firm has represented this financial entity in civil jurisdiction processes regarding contractual and extracontractual processes.


Legal service provision on issues related to port law under a permanent legal consulting contract.

ITAÚ antes CorpBanca

Our firm has represented the financial entity before civil jurisdiction in contractual and non-contractual liability proceedings.


Technical assistance and consulting before fiscal entities and constitutional jurisdiction contributing to the regulatory framework of the Colombian financial system.

Renting Colombia

Our firm has represented the entity before different jurisdictions in the transport and administrative law sector. Likewise, judicial representation is exercised in judicial proceedings and popular actions.

VICSA Safety

Currently we provide permanent consulting in corporate structuring, capitals markets, contracts and in general, in different areas of the operations carried out by the company in Colombia.


We currently provide this company with ongoing legal consulting in company structuring, capitals markets, contracts and in general, in different areas of the operations carried out by the company in Colombia.


Permanent consulting provided on transport related issues and legal representation in civil jurisdiction cases.